Friday, February 10, 2012

hello back!

its been a long time since i write in this precious little blog of mine. bukan takde masa. banyak je. tapi takde mood to write things. aku just buka dashboard tengok any entry yang menarik hati. baca baca gelak gelak then off the window. i spent a lot of my time on tumblr. there, pictures speak thousand of words. kannn. senang.

i do spend lots of time at home. sebab lepas ni i won't be in Melaka for few months. tumpu on my study life je. i think it is better that way. aku pun suka keep to myself actually. but aku akan lebih dekat with my beloved friends as Shikin and Sheera also continue their study. hello fun life. welcome back. hehe.

i am TRYING hard to say NO as an answer. aku ni jenis tak reti say NO actually. i tend to say yes even imma super busy girl that day. i tend to please people especially moi amis by saying yes. but as several things happen, i've learn. i can't please everybody. as they does not do to me as well. so lina, just keep things to yourself, you can't please everybody. learn to say NO if you actually can't.

lastly, I AM EFFING HAPPY WITH MY LIFE. lantakla sana masalah dunia masalah remeh temeh. yang aku tau aku nak excel in my study. insyaAllah. making my parents proud. get a job that can make me survive in this world of money. having own family? HAHAHA this time is not suitable. i dun even think i am prepared for go into next stage of life. y must crack ur own head with this complicated things right? Allah knows the best. SMILE! :)