Thursday, August 30, 2012

its been a while

its been a while.
Raya was awesome.
with friends and families.
a moment that can't be bought.
i am so thankful to be part of it.
every moment of it.
thank you Allah for giving me the opportunities.

its been a while.
since i online thru laptop.
scrolling everything.
keep scrolling.
keep stalking.
urghh who doesn't do that aite?
yes, i have guts to admit it. blergh!
one problem about stalking.
apparently, you will hurt urself.
by that i mean heart.
HAHA. and so today i write in this abandoned blog of mine.

its been a while.
no its been years actually.
quite long.
i need an answer.
no, probably not an answer.
i need to just move on.
i said it a lot.
i know. have faith. one day. one fine day.
maybe tomorrow. trust me please.

to you. yes you. if you read this.
you are the best. among the best.
but one day, i'll go. far from you. its for your own happiness.
besides, i've saw the signs u giving to me.
i'll pray for your best every single day.
u've been kind, honest, and patience.
but, it seems faith does not want us to be together.
be happy. take care of yourself.
i know u'll be happy. in whatever conditions.
good man, yes, u are. :')

i meet you a bit late, if not we would be together.
in Allah permission.